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Liz Barrows Icangelo and Joy Kerschner have know each other since they were young. A few years ago, they started collaborating their artistic skills and developed a line of jewelry.  Joy makes ceramic pieces that Liz uses along with beads and found objects to create wearable art. They
have been selling their jewelry at art shows and in galleries, but also felt the need for a website.
On this website, you will find their joined efforts and many individual avenues they take to express 
themselves creatively. Please take a moment to look at all they have to offer, or imagine what they can make for you personally.

JOY:  I have been making art since i was a very small child. It never occurred to me to follow any other career path. I feel blessed that I was spared those tumultuous and confusing years trying to decide what to do in life, I always knew. I majored in painting, but my secret love was ceramics.


After college, my skills morphed into newspaper illustration, and I eventually became the art director for a Florida newspaper. 


LIZ:  Over the years I have experimented with many different art forms. My early years were spent in film and animation and as I grew older I have enjoyed illustration, painting, collage, mosaic, jewelry, etc.


At this point in life I am especially interested in the reinvention of the new. I like to take objects that I find, whether they are from old books, garage sales, nature or, alas, the garbage, and making them into something new.



Moving to Cincinnati, I landed on my adult life as a graphic artist. When the recession came, so did a sea change. I became the ceramic studio manager for the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, Pa. This brought me back to my real calling, ceramics.


Though I create non-functional, whimsical, story-telling pieces, I especially love any art that is either functional or can be worn.


Is this in response to our "throw away" society? Probably,  but it also reflects my appreciation for history and for what already exists in our world.


So here's to the creatures and flowers of South Florida and the musty old books and long lost, forgotten treasures.




Joy Kerschner




Liz Icangelo



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